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Corporate Kickoff is proud to present a team of highly qualified, highly effective keynote speakers. Whether it’s an Annual Meeting, an Industry Conference, a kickoff event for a new sales campaign, customer service initiative or team-building effort, our speakers deliver transformational impact.

Terrell Davis, former Denver Bronco Running Back

Terrell Davis 867

Reggie Rivers, former Denver Bronco Running Back


Steve Portenga, Sports Psychologist, Keynote Speaker


Michele Brown, Achievement Keynote

Michele Brown

Trish Downing, Motivational & Keynote

Trish Downing 450

Chris Nwoke, Motivational & Keynote

Chris Nwoke

Jack Bonneau, Entrepreneur & Keynote

Jack Bonneau

Professional Keynote Speakers

Reggie Rivers, Former Denver Bronco

Terrell Davis, Former Denver Bronco 

Michele Brown, Keynote Speaker

Trish Downing, Motivational Keynote Speaker

Chris Nwoke, Motivational Speaker

Jack Bonneau, Keynote Speaker