Motivational Speaking Testimonials

Royal Lovell, President, Flood and Peterson

Reggie was entertaining, inspiring and crafted his message in an exceptional manner to the theme of our meeting. Reggie’s presentation was easily understood and provided our employees with a fun, thought-provoking and memorable experience.

F. Dave Zanetell, Senior VP/COO, Kraemer North America

As our luncheon speaker you provided a strong message of teamwork, accountability and attention to detail that aligned perfectly with our path forward. I have received enormous positive feedback. Simply put, your remarks, analogies and enthusiasm were spot on. More important, your message was impactful in a way that I believe will be sustaining. Since your presentation, I have heard employees use some of the phrases and repeat some of the messages as they work through issues and daily challenges.

Bob Beiersdorf, Executive Director, Nelnet

Testimonial Image - NelnetAs a result of Reggie’s insights regarding inspiration and motivation, we are implementing a more robust team-based incentive program going into next year.
Our business leaders are now referencing Reggie’s messaging in various internal forums as a means to achieve stronger, team-based performance.

Megan Kennedy, Logistics Project Manager, Arrow Electronics

We surveyed everyone that attended and roughly 75% of folks responded. Reggie received a near perfect score on both his presentation as well as on the teambuilding activity, which has NEVER happened before and the comments people left were incredibly complimentary. He was, by far, the best keynote speaker we’ve ever had at this event.

Robert Machado, VP Customer Supply Chain, MillerCoors

Testimonial Image - MCReggie’s ability to connect his experiences in football with the objectives of our meeting was refreshing. The way he can break down the complexities of navigating change and uncertainty (while maintaining a sense of humor) clearly resonated with the audience. It provided a new perspective on the way we do business.

Tauna Lockhart, Chief Communications Officer, Colorado Governor's Office of IT

More than 94% of our respondent rated your presentation as “fantastic.” Just for perspective, this is an unprecedented positive response in the history of our All Managers conferences. Several people have since written to me saying that you really energized them to “up their game” as managers. Your professionalism, candor and great sense of humor were the perfect mix to bring our day of strategy sessions to a close. You brought focus to the most important messages of the day:  customer service, smart business decisions and team building.

Jodi Brooks Allen, Trustmark Solutions

Testimonial Image - TVBSI was so thrilled to see the level of engagement you created. Your speech, your energy, and your true ability to connect with everyone in the room was quite impressive.
Yes, the men loved you but so did the women.

George Parks, Executive Director, Wyoming Association of Municipalities

Testimonial Image - WAMIt would be an understatement to say that Reggie Rivers was equal to the occasion.  He was a huge hit!  I have worked on many such conferences, but none where the audience was more enthusiastic about the keynote. What I liked most was his manner.  There wasn’t the slightest hint of a pampered sports professional. Our people were totally comfortable with Reggie – the communication could not have been better.  It is clear that he believes in people, and is totally sincere about helping others become the leaders they have the potential to be.

Jamie Letts, Executive Director, Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association

Your presentation was not only entertaining and engaging, but resonated with our attendees. You were able to communicate solutions in a practical, hilarious and impactful way. Throughout the afternoon after your presentation, I was stopped multiple times by attendees expressing how impressed they were. We’ve had keynote speakers ranging from elected officials to industry leaders, but you were, by far, more well-received than any other.

Renny Fagan, President, CEO, Colorado Nonprofit Association

Testimonial Image - CNAYour theme “Football Habits Nonprofits Should Adopt” was ideal. The messages of expecting resistance, listening, celebrating small victories and creating trust were not only ideal, but so well delivered. You kept the audience captivated and laughing! Everyone enjoyed your presentation.

Marilee Yorchak, Executive Director, Business Marketing Association, Colorado

I’ve been doing this a long time (23 years as the executive director) and I truly believe you were THE VERY BEST emcee we have ever had for this gala. You exceeded every expectation. You took the time to understand our audience and make everyone feel special. You have probably been told this — but you have a true gift. You were so comfortable up on stage, professional in every sense of the word, and kept our audience engaged and smiling.

Kevin Amolsch, Pine Financial Group, Inc.

Testimonial Image - PFGReggie Rivers humor and ability to bring us into the NFL really added to the education we got from his presentation. The use of stories and specific examples really drove his point home. We got tremendous feedback and people asking us to bring him back.

Sam Mamet, Executive Director, Colorado Municipal League

Testimonial Image - CMLReggie’s clarity, poise, and eloquence about leadership scored much more than a touchdown with our folks. I think his observations absolutely set the right tone for the rest of our conference, and our folks continue to ask me “when can we get Reggie back!