Follow this Business Mantra: “If You See Something, Do Something”

At the airport, the TSA preaches the mantra, “If you SEE something, SAY something.” That’s good advice in an environment in which you don’t want people to put themselves at risk, but you do want them to alert the authorities if they see something suspicious.

In business our mantra to our teams should be, “If you SEE something, DO something.” We want our team members to feel empowered to act. If the customer needs something you should apply a very simple test:

  • Is it in your area of responsibility?
  • Is it legal for you to do it?
  • Is it ethical for you to do it?
  • Is it in line with our corporate goals and values?

If the answers to all those questions is, “Yes,” then do it. That’s where great customer service and great teamwork come from.

Watch the above video about a former NFL offensive lineman who truly OWNED the problem and is a model for all of us.


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