Are You Open to Wealth? The 10-Cent Test

If the perfect job presented itself today, would you recognize it?

If an opportunity to achieve great wealth appeared, would you act on it?

If you saw the path to true happiness in front of you, would you take it?

I’m sure that most of us intuitively would say, “Yes,” to any of these questions.

We believe that we’re ready for great things to happen to us, but the reality is that we subconsciously block many of the opportunities that come to us, because they arrive in a package that we’re not expecting or that we don’t see as valuable.

I learned years ago, prior to my NFL career, that if I wanted to achieve great things, I had to be “open” to achieving great things. Some of that openness is literally symbolic. Picking up a dime I found lying on the sidewalk is not going to make me wealthy. But stepping over that dime and ignoring it, rejecting it, being too good to bend down and pick it up, might signal to my subconscious brain that I don’t want wealth. I don’t need wealth. I’m so wealthy already that I don’t need any additional money that might be headed my way.

If I can’t be bothered to invest two seconds to pick up a dime, maybe I’m also signaling to my employer, my clients, and others in my network that I’m not interested in making more money.

Is that far-fetched? Maybe. Maybe not. Watch this video and see what you think.

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