About Jack Bonneau:

Jack Bonneau and Reggie Rivers

Jack Bonneau is a young phenom! At age 8 he wanted to buy a LEGO Star Wars Death Star that cost $400. His parents said, “Sure, if you can earn the money, you can buy it.”

So Jack decided to open up a lemonade stand. But rather than setting up shop right in front of his house, or at the end of his block, he decided to put his stand in a local farmer’s market.

Jack worked his stand for several weekends, and when all was said and done, he’d earned $2,000 in gross revenue, made $800 in profit and, yes, he bought his LEGO Star Wars Death Star!

Since then, Jack has grown his operation to 6 locations, including the Southwest Plaza Mall and Park Meadows Mall; he has employed more than 200 other kids to work in his stands; he has created Jack’s Marketplaces, where he sells products made by other youth entrepreneurs, and he recently got a deal on Shark Tank with Chris Sacca!!!

Did we mention that as we write this in November 2016, Jack is still only 10 years old!!