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Strategies from the Gridiron that will grow your business.

Whether you’re kicking off a new year, a new quarter, a new sales campaign, a new customer service initiative or a new team-building effort, our speakers deliver lessons about world-class performance packaged in clever and memorable analogies that are easy for your audience to connect with, easy to remember and easy to act upon.

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NFL running backs know that they’re not going to score a touchdown every time they get the football. The greatest running backs in league history scored touchdowns on only 1 carry out of 20. On the other 19 carries, they were tackled. Running backs aren’t disappointed or demoralized by getting tackled. Instead they focus on what they’re going to achieve “before” they get tackled. Your sales pros can learn a lot from the attitude that running backs bring to the job.

On the field, the football IS the customer. Both teams are fighting to win possession of the customer, but no one can “own” the customer. The customer will stay with a team only as long as that team can maintain forward progress. The way football teams treat the Football is a great metaphor for the way your organization should treat its customers.

The best teams have “consistent” teammates. When your teammate delivers his/her talent in a predictable way, you can plan your efforts to match. But when your teammate is inconsistent, everyone around him/her is required to adapt to accommodate this inconsistency. Sometimes, your most talented player is also your most disruptive player.

Football players celebrate touchdowns, first downs, nice catches, nice runs, nice throws, etc. And the crowd of more than 70,000 celebrates with them. Why? Because the players, coaches and fans are all very educated about what success looks like. They ecognize small successes when they see them. This type of recognition and celebration is critical to morale, focus and effectiveness in corporate offices.

Every rookie who makes an NFL roster had to break a veteran’s plate to get there. If a rookie wants to get on the field, he must earn the trust of the coaches. In sales and customer service, we’re constantly trying to earn the trust of our clients. Without trust, they won’t give us the chance to win their business, won’t come to us when they need help, and won’t invite us to sit at table with them as they make their most important decisions. Trust is everything.

Young players often disqualify themselves by not being ready when called upon, being confused on the field. freelancing rather than following the plan, committing big penalties and/or making major mistakes. In the business world, it’s important to learn how to avoid disqualifying yourself. Your customers will trust you only if they see evidence that you’re prepared and you’re consistent. If you give your customer a reason to distrust you, it is very hard to earn back his/her trust.

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